How Busy Is My Train - A UX Design Project

Project Overview: “How Busy Is My Train” is a feature I worked on for Chiltern Railway through the Covid-19 epidemic, designed to improve the commuting experience by providing real-time train occupancy information. This feature has since been adopted throughout the UK rail industry and is used by millions of commuters every day.


  1. Help develop a user-friendly feature that provides real-time train occupancy information.
  2. Enhance the commuting experience by allowing users to plan their journey based on train occupancy.
  3. Contribute to a safer commuting environment by enabling social distancing through informed decision-making.


Real-Time Occupancy Information:

With data from National Rail, users can view the current occupancy of each train, helping them choose less crowded trains for their journey.


The “How Busy Is My Train” feature has significantly improved the commuting experience for millions of users across the UK. By providing real-time and predictive train occupancy information, it has enabled commuters to make informed decisions about their journey, contributing to a safer and more comfortable commuting environment.

Final Thoughts

“It’s truly remarkable how a seemingly small feature can touch millions of people every day and dramatically enhance the commuting experience. I take immense pride in my contribution to this project, meticulously researching and crafting the ideal microcopy and iconography. My goal was to ensure a seamless, inclusive, and accessible user experience, and it’s exciting to see that goal realised.”

-Sam Moreton

Project preview